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Mineral Museums

the museum has over 3,200 specimens. 740 mineral samples of unique beauty (representing 220 mineral species) are on display The volcanological museum of Nisyros (Nisyros) mainly about volcanology, but also some interesting rock and mineral specimens on display

Mineral Museum

The mineral museum can trace its origins back to the very beginnings of the New Mexico School of Mines in 1889. The collection was assembled to help in the education of engineers and geologists. It was soon built into one of the finest in the world, winning gold medals at the St. Louis World''s Fair 1904 and the Panama-California exhibition of 1915.


The magnificent Albert Chapman mineral collection of 820 specimens was purchased by the New South Wales Government in 1988, and after initial housing in the Earth Exchange Museum, was transferred to the Australian Museum in 1995. This collection is

Minerals | Natural History Museum

Step back in time to see the Museum as it was in 1881 with its original oak display cabinets in the Minerals gallery. See sparkling gems alongside raw minerals, marvel at the variety of colours, textures and shapes, and learn how they''re formed. Star specimens and

Gallery of museum quality fine mineral specimens for sale …

Below is a gallery of the very best mineral specimens for sale on this site over $1000 from John Betts - Fine Minerals in New York City, NY. This is a photographic gallery of museum quality fine minerals and gems for world class mineral collections priced ...

Smithsonian Mineral Gallery

Mineral Sciences › GeoGallery Smithsonian Mineral Gallery GeoGallery Categories Everything Gems Minerals By type By country By state Meteorites Rocks Galleries New Acquisitions On Exhibit Special Galleries [Report a bug ...

Mineral collecting

Mineral collecting is the hobby of systematically collecting, identifying and displaying mineral specimens. Mineral collecting can also be a part of the profession of mineralogy and allied geologic specialties. Individual collectors often specialize, for example collecting examples of the various colors and forms taken by the mineral calcite ...

Museum of North Carolina Minerals – Blue Ridge …

The Museum of North Carolina Minerals features interactive displays about the minerals and gems found in the region as well as the historical importance of the mining industry to the local economy. The Museum also hosts a visitor center for the Mitchell County Chamber of Commerce, with information on local businesses, attractions, lodging, food and more.


or send us an email on [email protected] Created by nature millions of years ago, minerals are works of art with breathtaking aesthetics, incredible geometric shapes and fabulous color palette. Fluorescence is the property of a mineral to transform ultraviolet light that the human eye cannot see, into visible light.

Halls of Gems and Minerals | American Museum of …

Opening Spring 2021, these reimagined halls will offer a brilliant showcase for one of the world''s most important collections of gems and minerals. American Museum of Natural History 200 Central Park West New York, NY 10024-5102 Phone: 212-769-5100 Open

About the Museum | Maine Mineral & Gem Museum

The Maine Mineral and Gem Museum showcases our geological history, displays renowned mineral and rock collections, provides educational opportunities for the novice and expert alike, conducts historical and geological research and is a Maine travel destination

Mim Museum

 · TripadvisorMim Museum - Mineral Museum, Mim Museum - Mineral Museum, Mim Museum - Mineral Museum, Mim Museum - Mineral Museum, Mim Museum - Mineral ...

Welcome to Stephen Hui Geological Museum

Mineral Collections in Hong Kong Mineral Treasures of China Sotheby''s Jewellery meets our Mineral and Rock Collection Thank you for your co-operation and we welcoming you back to an enjoyable visit to our museum! Past Events May 16 to 18 July 30 to ...

Mineralogical & Geological Museum

Over 3,000 mineral, rock, gem, and meteorite specimens from the MGMH collections are on display in our public gallery. Our newly renovated Earth and Planetary Science Gallery is located within the Harvard Museum of Natural History at 26 Oxford Street ...

Virtual Museum of Chinese Minerals

© 2015 City University of Hong Kong. All Rights Reserved.

What are minerals?

A mineral is a naturally-occurring inorganic (there are some exceptions to this) crystalline solid (though mercury is regarded as a mineral) with a specific chemical composition and a characteristic internal regular geometric arrangement of atoms, sometimes

Museum mineral | Etsy

Check out our museum mineral selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our rocks & geodes shops.

Magnificent minerals: welcome to the mim museum – …

Inaugurated in 2013, the mim museum in Beirut, Lebanon, conserves one of the world''s largest private mineral collections. Interview with Suzy Hakimiam, museum curator: Tell us a bit about the mim museum! At the mim (Musée des Minéraux), visitors can admire ...

Museum Plans | University of Arizona Gem & Mineral …

The University of Arizona Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum will occupy one of the most historic and iconic buildings in all of Arizona. Pima County will complete an $30 million renovation, restoring its architectural glory. The new museum will be an anchor for geo ...

The Smithsonian Gem and Mineral Collection | Research …

 · The museum''s mineral reference collection is one of three in the Department of Mineral Sciences: minerals (including gems), meteorites, and rock and ore. Dr. Post explains that this part of the museum deals with the "hard, non-living part of the earth…A small

Mineral properties

When a mineral grows, zoning can occur reflecting changes in the composition of the magma/fluid that the mineral is crystallising from, or from environmental changes (e.g. pH, oxidation/reduction state).

Minerals for Kids | Earth Sciences Museum | University of …

Click on a Mineral name to learn more about it! Fluorite Gypsum Sodalite Magnetite Copper Quartz Mica Pyrite Calcite Labradorite Fluorite Fluorite is really interesting! When you find it in a rock, all the little crystals will usually be in the shape of cubes. This is the way that the mineral naturally grows! Fluorite is a soft rock which can be scratched with a common nail

Mim Museum

Mim Museum - Mineral Museum:Tripadvisor941, Mim Museum - Mineral Museum307、294。

Mineral Museum (Harrisonburg)

Located at James Madison University, the JMU Mineral Museum has a lot to look at! There are over 600 speciment to look at, with two entire display cases of ia found minerals and crystals! Others are from around the world. There is a really cool fluorescent ...

Minerals and Gems | Smithsonian Institution

The Smithsonian''s mineral and gem collection at the National Museum of Natural History consists of approximately 350,000 mineral specimens and 10,000 gems, making it one of the largest of its kind in the world. Along with the specimens highlighted here, the ...

Mineral Sciences | Smithsonian National Museum of …

**Due to the COVID-19 closure of the Natural History Museum our shipping offices are closed. DO NOT send any packages to Department of Mineral Science staff at this time as there are NO STAFF MEMBERS ON SITE to receive them.**

The Stephen Hui Geological Museum to present the …

Those specimens now represent the core of the Stephen Hui Geological Museum''s Earth Material gallery. Another important milestone in the history of mineral collecting in Hong Kong was the founding of The Mineralogy Society of Hong Kong in December 2004.

Museum General Information

The Mineral Point Railroad Society operates a museum in the former Milwaukee Road depot in Mineral Point. Our museum is open seasonally (from the first weekend in May to the last weekend in October), from 10am-4pm, Thursday through Saturday and Noon

Mim Museum

Mim Museum - Mineral Museum,2020,Mim Museum - Mineral Museum、、、,、

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