We said we had to start acting - and here we present the first three tools for fighting COVID-19 in Poland. Thanks to them we will be able to better manage the pandemic and, consequently, to defrost the economy faster and more effectively.


The plan below presents also other solutions that we will implement soon (tools 1-3 are already being implemented, 4-6 will be implemented soon)


PACE Group







Tool 1 - Map of new infection outbreaks


We propose to implement a solution consisting of voluntary reporting of symptoms

by citizens through channels designed for this purpose. We will create an interactive

a dynamic map of Poland allowing the detection of epidemic outbreaks with accuracy to the settlement.

This will give the possibility to give precise instructions to small groups of people affected.


Tool 2 - Map of Immunization of Poland


This is a map of Poland showing the degree of immunization of society at the level of the most

by testing randomly selected groups which are representative samples

every level of immunization


Tool 3 - Verification of the resilience of healers to re-infection


Today, science cannot answer the question of whether a repeat COVID19 infection is possible,

or resuming illness. The study we have planned is to observe a large group

persons who have antibodies confirming the passage of infection (healers) and

their periodical examination to track the permanence of immunization.





We will use the above tools to manage the epidemic - the matrix below shows how to easily use the above tools

Other PACE group tools that will be implemented soon:


Tool 4 - Public education through webinars, scientific materials and an information service


Creating a series of webinars on the most promising new therapies and an information service,
which will answer the most bothering questions of all (e.g., "When the epidemic will end ")


Tool 5 - Mobilizing Society

Mobilizing Society (especially young people) to volunteer. In particular encouragement to undergo medical training - so that the Health Service does not run out of hands to work.


Tool 6 - Monitoring threats to privacy

The COVID-19 pandemic presents many challenges. One of them is the urgency of finding and
implementation of new technological and information solutions / acquisition solutions
information. We must make sure that they do not violate the right to privacy.

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