Working group of doctors and managers ready to work pro bono on defrosting the Polish economy

Warsaw, 14 April 2020

A group of doctors with experience in entrepreneurship and health care managers presented an initial plan for effective and safe unfreezing of the Polish economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Polish doctors-managers declared their readiness to work pro bono on the implementation of this plan.

So far, 20 people have signed the recommendations, which have been sent to the Government representatives. The list of doctors and managers ready to work across divisions is expanding and is open.

"The recommendations we have prepared are mostly nothing new. Their proper implementation is more difficult than landing on Mars - and this is the area where we want to help." - said Dr. Adam Kruszewski. "The experts assume that we have up to two years of constant struggle with the challenges that COVID has caused. By creating the list of tasks we tried to balance epidemiological, medical, social and economic issues in order to prepare Poland and Poles for our new normality. Successful implementation of the de-frosting phase of the economy will be a huge logistical, process and management challenge. We believe that disciplined implementation of all six elements we have listed will guarantee our common success. - added Dr Kruszewski.

"We are an apolitical group of doctors and health care managers, we represent various specialities and different industries. We are also ordinary citizens who care about the good of Poland. At this stage of the fight against the pandemic, we feel obliged to take part in the discussion on how to prepare Poland for the defrosting of the economy. We know that effective implementation of this stage requires precision, excellent operating procedures, logistic systems, knowledge and experience, but also the independence of the politician. We also know that hasty unfreezing will most likely cause further waves of epidemics. We offer our experience in crisis management and pro publico bono assistance." - said Dr. Jaroslaw Oleszczuk.

The signatories of the Covid 19 Manifesto consider the following actions as key:

  1. Mass diagnostics of all residents, especially those returning to work, with the implementation of contact monitoring applications

  2. Quarantine of infected persons and their relatives and their monitoring systems

  3. Protection of vulnerable people at risk of severe COVID19 so as to minimise the risk of their infection

  4. Protective masks, gloves and disinfectants for all

  5. Treating health professionals as the most valuable resource, monitoring their working time and health

  6. Constantly collecting information about the best solutions from the world and quick adoption solutions

All hands on deck - let's get on, our future depends on our commitment!

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